Saudi Tourism Visa and validity eligible countries

On 28th September 2019, Saudi Tourism Visa launched electronically for 49 countries in it is first roll, this multiple entry tourist visas will give visitors validity for one year to visit kingdom, and spend 90 days in the country, so now what is the terms and conditions which tourists should do to ask about the visit visa, and what about the names of eligible countries which can apply online for tourist visa.

Saudi commission for tourism under the tag of “open heart open door” announced about the new visit visa, with explanation its benefits for saudia economy, in continuation with the development approach to achieve the vision of 2030, also international visitors will discover many echoes like rich heritage, warm hospitality, vibrant culture at the same time while enjoying the mountains of Abha,beaches of the Red sea, breathtaking landscapes and many fantastic places, after they had the Saudi Tourism Visa .

Saudi Tourism Visa eligibility

about 49 country are eligible for apply online to ask about having the Saudi tourism visa from the fast and easy to use website “”, through the electronic platform for classified nationality, upon arrival to the main airport or on their trip, other way from visa kiosks at immigration , visitors from other countries should apply from Saudi Arabia embassies or consulate, and know theses are the eligible countries .

eligible countries
eligible countries

visa registration conditions

the condition for Saudi tourist visa we can recognize about it from these info-graph.

Visa fees

visitors or tourists from classified nationality of the 49 countries which mentioned above, can app;y for the electronic Saudi tourism visa for 440 riyals “about 118 $” for anyone who above 18 years old male or female.


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